Learn how to prototype, design & share AR/VR apps and experiences, today.

Hi there.

This user guide will help you discover how to use the Minsar platform.
You can also use the Search feature if you have any specific needs - from assets compatibility to embedding AR experiences, you should find what you need.

The "Create" part of guide covers the majority of Minsar Studio's core concepts and features. Minsar Studio is the immersive editor to prototype and design interactive 3D/AR/VR scenes, code-free.

The "Share" pages of the user guide explain how to share AR/VR content made in Minsar. The Publish & Export services make it easy to share, embed or export your experience in an app, a website, or social media.

Where does Minsar fit in my workflow?

The Minsar platform exists to help you prototype an AR/VR app or experience:

  • Create your first scene. You can add up to 50 of them in the same project.
  • Choose an anchor to specify how your content should be placed in the physical or virtual world.
  • Import as many assets as you like, either created by our or your team, or retrieved from providers like Sketchfab.
  • Adjust their position, scale and rotation with incredible precision in real-time using your immersive device. What you see is exactly what your users will get!
  • Use our no-code features to easily add storytelling to your scenes.

You might realize your project involves very specific requirements and custom logic. This means you'll have to use a programming-based tool like Unity3D or Unreal Engine. In many cases, Minsar Studio will provide you with an ever-growing set of features to allow you to create your content exactly as you want it, without code. Be sure to keep an eye out on our release notes page!

The Minsar content creation & distribution pipeline

Once your AR/VR experience/app is created, you will want to share it with the world.
There are many different ways to do so, based on your requirements. You might want to export it as an AR filter for social media, publish it as a standalone experience online, or make it part of an existing website or app.

The Minsar platform helps you support all these scenarios, as detailed in the "Share" part of the user guide.

Now's the time to create an account, download the app, and get started!