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Create and import elements

Watch this tutorial to get an overview of how to import assets:

Import assets

Connect your account to external assets providers

You need to link your Minsar account to external assets providers (on the portal to be able to use them in Minsar Studio.

We encourage you to explore our Assets types page to learn more about the assets you can import: 3D models, images, videos, sounds, texts, etc.

Available Providers

Cloud services User Generated Content Device related



Internal storage access

Google Drive

Note that the internal storage access is already available on iOS (compatible with iCloud) and Windows Mixed Reality devices (HoloLens), and soon on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Android.

You can access your models acquired on Sketchfab directly from Minsar. If you have a Sketchfab Pro plan or above you also have access to your own library of 3D models, regardless of public download settings.

Select an asset

From the Main menu, hit the "Import asset" button to import objects (3D models), images, videos, sounds, texts or create shapes.

The asset picker is opened (you can drag and drop the folder title at the top to move the window):

  1. Choose an asset provider at the bottom of the asset picker.

  2. Navigate through the folders to find the desired file.

    You can also search for a file thanks to the "Search" button at the top right corner.

  3. Tap on the file.

When an element is being imported, a temporary element appears for you to know it is loading.

You can tap to place it in the scene before it's fully loaded if you want to.

Once placed, you can use the "Delete" button to delete the element from the scene before it has been imported.

You can move, scale and rotate it. If you do so, the element will be imported according to these settings.

After the loading, if an element is really huge, you will be asked if you want to use its original size or if you want to keep it fitted. "Keep fitted" means that the element will be imported with a size that makes you able to see it fully from a 2m distance.

Also note that once the element is imported, it will follow your gaze until you tap to place it wherever you want. However, even when the element follows your gaze, you can already drag it or scale it using the 2-handed-manipulation. This will also effectively place your element, and thus it will stop following your gaze.

Create textblock

You can create a textblock from scratch thanks to the "Create textblock" button in the Main menu.

See the dedicated Textblock section for more information.

Duplicate elements

Select one or several scene elements, then hit the "Duplicate" button in the menu to duplicate them.

Place them as you do for any newly created element.

Replace elements

When an element has been created, you can replace it thanks to the "Replace" button in its menu:

  • Assets can be replaced by any other type of asset.

    Note that some parameters can not be compatible, then not inherited from the previous one.

  • Shapes can be replaced by any other type of shape.

Delete elements

Tap on the "Deleteā€ button on the element(s) menu.

There's no confirmation when you delete an element but don't worry, if you delete something by mistake, just use the "Undo" button.