Import elements

Connect your account to external assets providers

You need to link your Minsar account to external assets providers (on the portal https://portal.minsar.app/) to be able to use them in Minsar Studio.

Available Providers

Cloud services User Generated Content Miscellaneous



Internal storage access

Google Drive

Google Poly

Minsar Cloud

Microsoft 3D Remix

From the Creation menu, you can import objects (3D models), images, videos, sounds and texts:

  1. Choose an asset provider.

  2. Navigate to find the desired file.

  3. Tap on it.

When an element is being imported, a temporary element appears for you to know it is loading. You can use the "Delete" button to delete the element from the scene before it has been imported. You can move, scale and rotate it. If you do so, the element will be imported according to these settings.

When an element has been imported, you can replace it with the "Replace” button in its menu:

Delete elements

Tap on the "Delete” button on the element(s) menu.


Tap on "Create shape" and choose the one you want to add to your project.

Each shape is customizable.

  1. Just go to the "Transform" menu.

  2. Choose "Modify" to edit the shape proportions.

  3. Hold and drag handlers to modify the shape.

You can also change the shape, the new one will keep the same proportions as the one you changed.

Image/video backside color

You can choose the color of the backside of an image/video with the "Backside color" button.

Sound specific

In the player, you can also choose if you want the sound to be played in a loop and the volume.

Video specific

Video player

As for sound, you can choose if you want the sound to be played in a loop and the volume in the player.

  • To import a transparent video, just put _alpha at the end of the video file name.


  • To import a volumetric video, change the extension to .mp4xr.


Text specific

You can create a textblock with the button "Create textblock" on the "Creation" menu.

Tap again on the textblock to edit its content.

In the "Format" menu, you can edit the:

  • text color

  • font size

  • font

  • text alignment

  • line spacing

  • background color

You can also import text. It will replace all the textblock content.