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How to import objects from Sketchfab

Directly in Minsar

1.1. In your Minsar dashboard, go to the "App Integrations" section. If Sketchfab doesn't appear in the list of your providers, click on the "Plus" sign.

1.2. In the providers list, click on "Sketchfab". It will get you to Sketchfab login page, where you can either login or sign up. Hit "Accept" when Minsar asks you for the permission to connect to your Sketchfab account.

1.3. Now in Minsar, you can see Sketchfab in the asset picker.

You can now import Sketchfab assets directly into Minsar.

For now, you might however encounter a problem. Minsar does not yet display the number of triangles of the models you can download. As a result, you might have some problems downloading particularly heavy assets.

That is why you might want to download the objects on your computer first, process them so they can be imported in Minsar, and then put them into your Dropbox or Google Drive to access them in Minsar.

From a computer

2.1. Start by finding the model you like on Sketchfab. Filter your search by "Downloadable" objects, so you can actually download it.

2.2. When you have chosen your object, click on it. You should see "Download 3D object" right under it.

2.3. In the download tab, you have two options. Either you download it in its original format, either you download the glTF autoconversion. First, try the autoconversion format, which works most of the time. If something is wrong and your object doesn't load in Minsar, download the original format instead.

2.4. Let's study how your object is downloaded. It comes as a zip file, which means you first have to unzip it. "Right-Click" on it, and go to "Extract All", then choose the folder where you want it to be extracted.

2.5. Go into your newly created folder. Your object might be organized in several ways. In the first case, you will see two folders, one "Source" and one "Textures". In this case, your object will be in "Source". Sometimes, you will need to unzip the model itself as well.

In the second case, you will only see the files of your object and a Textures folder.

From there, you have several options.

  • If you are using Minsar in augmented reality, that your object is over 120 000 triangles, or if you intend to import other objects along with it, you will have to decimate it. To do that, proceed to the optimization section.

  • Check the size of the textures of your object. To do that, go to your downloaded model, into the "Textures" folder. For each texture, "Right-Click" and go to "Properties".

    Then go to "Details", and there you will see the size of your texture. If it's over 2048 x 2048, and if you are in augmented reality, we strongly recommend you to reduce it. To do that, please refer to our texture reduction tutorial

  • If the format of your object is not ".glb", ".glTF" or ".obj", you will have to convert it first. To do that, proceed to our object conversion tutorial. If your object is animated, you will have to do it manually.


You can now use objects from Sketchfab in Minsar!