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Preview mode

To see your Project as your Visitors will see it, meaning as an Experience, you have to switch to Preview. When you're done you can switch back to Edit.

You can Tap on the Preview button in the Project menu, or use shortcuts depending on your device.

Speech-capable devices

Say "Switch to Preview", then "Switch to Edit".

Headsets and Goggles

Long tap with both hands or hold the controller's triggers next to each others during 2 seconds.

Oculus Quest

Double tap the menu button of the left controller.

Touchscreen devices

Swipe down the menu to switch to Preview, and swipe it up to go back to Edit.

Body occlusion

[Only available on iOS for now]

In Preview and View mode, the body occludes scene elements.

This means that if your hand, for example, is in front of a virtual element, the element will be occluded by your hand. A great feature for immersion!

It's not available in Edit mode to save your battery.