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Minsar Home

Minsar Home helps you create or open a Project.

Create a project

Use the "Create project" button to create a project. A project is a scene where you will be able to build your 3D experience to publish/export.

When you create a project, you make your first decision as a Creator and you'll ask this question:

Where will my experience be visible?

To help you answer that profound question, we suggest reading about Anchoring.

Then you'll be able to choose your experience location.

Any location

The experience can be opened from anywhere with any compatible AR and VR devices thanks to landmarks.

Then you have to choose the type of anchor you need for your experience:

  • Simple Anchor: the experience is placed with a single and free landmark.

  • Image Anchor: the experience is placed according to a recognized image (e.g. a poster) and tracks it.

  • Surface Anchor: the experience is placed on an horizontal (e.g. a table) or vertical (e.g. a wall) surface of the surrounding.

See more details about anchors in the dedicated Anchoring section.

A Physical location

The experience can only be opened in the recognized Physical place thanks to Spatial Anchor, with a compatible AR device.

For now you have to be in the physical environment to work on your project. Later you'll be able to import a scan as a reference to work on the project from anywhere.

A Virtual location

The experience is opened in a chosen Virtual Environment with any compatible AR and VR devices.

Then you have to choose a Virtual Environment:

  • Import an Inner 360 Environment: import a 360 video or image from your provider to use it as the virtual environment of your experience.

  • Use default: use the default virtual environment provided by Minsar. You'll be able to replace it later.

In the future, you'll also be able to import a 3D element as a virtual environment.

Create a project from template

You can create a project from an existing model provided by Minsar. You have access to templates and examples of already-built experiences to help you see what you can do with Minsar Studio, and how you can do it.

To create from a template, you can use the "Create from template" button. There, you will have access to all the templates and examples currently available.

Open a project

Use the "Open project" button to open an already created project, if any.

Explore your projects on the Web

You can see all your projects in the portal projects list:

For more details, check the "Manage projects with Portal" section.

Open in VR

If you open a project from a VR headset, a default Virtual Environment will be displayed.

Later you'll be able to import yours.

Profile menu

You can access several buttons from the profile menu:

  • Portal: to open the portal in a web browser.

  • Sign Out: to sign out from your account and go back to the sign in screen.

  • Privacy policies: to open the privacy policies in a web browser.

Manage a project

When you are editing a project, you can access the Project menu from the "Project" button in the Main menu.

Note that the current project name is written at the top of the menu.

  1. Preview: to display your project like a Visitor will see it.

  2. Rename: to rename the project. Note that the current project name is written at the top of the menu.

  3. Duplicate Project: to make a copy of the current project. If you hit it, the copy of the project will be directly opened. By default, its name will be "the duplicated project name - Copy".