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It's great to create a 3D experience, but sharing it with the world is even greater!

There are many ways to share an experience, depending on your, or your client's, requirements. You might want to simply share a link with your audience so they open the experience on their phone, or embed it in an app, a website, or a social media account!

The possibilities are almost endless, and it can easily become a nightmare to manage. Fortunately, Minsar Launch offers several workflows to facilitate the publishing journey.

Publish Workflow

Minsar Publish helps you with the optimization of your scenes (albeit it doesn't exempt you from always being vigilant of the number of triangles of your models). It also takes care of the hassle of the hosting and distribution, and provides a suite of visualisation tools to facilitate the publisher's life.

The experience is updated in real-time, by hitting the "Publish" button. No need for app updates, or asking your customer to download a random ZIP from a dubious file sharing service and then deploy it manually on a fleet of devices.

Click here to learn more about the Publish Workflow.

Export Workflow

Share your experiences on platforms others than Minsar, such as SparkAR for social media integration. Minsar Export takes care of the scene conversion and optimization for the target export platform.

Unlike the Publish Workflow, the experience is not hosted by Minsar and can't be updated in real time. You will have to re-export your experience after doing modifications to it.

Click here to learn more about the Export Workflow.