Publish an experience

It's great to create a 3D experience, but sharing it with the world is even greater!

To publish an experience, go to the experience properties of a project.


  1. Fill in its name and description.

  2. Hit the "Publish" button.

  3. Select the best plan for your experience's needs.

You can see your current plans in the Plans page:

You can access this page from your dashboard.

Published experience

Once an experience is published, you'll receive a confirmation email with the experience link.

You can copy its link or display its QR Code to share them, or directly visit the experience thanks to "Visit" button. It leads to the experience online page.

Visitors just have to tap on the experience link on a compatible device to visit it through XR View app.

Don't worry, at any moment you can:

  • Unpublish an experience.

  • Independently edit the related project and then update the online experience with last changes.