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Release: 2019/04/29



  • Behaviors: Face Me and Bounce
  • Easily switch between Edit and Preview modes
    • using gestures on Immersive devices
    • with an always-visible button on Touchscreen devices
  • Duplicate an element
  • On project creation, a Simple Anchor is created by default
  • Behavior systems on Elements. Currently a single behavior is available, more will come in the coming versions.


  • Selection gizmo is more visible on Touchscreen devices
  • Gizmos on Touchscreen devices are much easier to use
  • Improvements in the Element Drag experience
  • Improvements in the Element placement on asset import
  • On Sign In Screen, the user can tap on '' to launch Portal using the default Web browser.
  • "World Locked" Projects are deprecated, leading to a simpler Project Creation experience. World Locked capabilities will return as Spatial Anchors in a future version
  • Better shadows on post-2017 iOS devices


  • Fixed a scenario where user was allowed to change the Surface Anchor vertical axis
  • Fixed Error Display in Viewer mode

Known Issues

  • Element duplication does not duplicate Behaviors


Release: 2019/05/22


  • Improved Player Gizmo placement
  • Element Gizmos follow the behavior in real-time
  • It is now possible to delete elements with behaviors
  • Magic Leap: hand gestures are easier to use
  • The Portal is significantly faster


  • Gaze Placement used to stutter occasionnaly. The placement is now smoother
  • Fixed the camera background being too bright/saturated on some iOS devices
  • Anchor Placement is now based on the FOV of the device (mobile, tablet and immersive)
  • Hand gestures properly work on HoloLens 1 and Magic Leap One
  • On the Portal, the experience page is refreshed based on its deployment status in real-time
  • Selecting an Element from within the Element would occasionnaly select the Anchor. It is now fixed.
  • Magic Leap: Asset Picker now works as expected
  • Minor other bugfixes


Release: 2019/06/06

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Fixed issues with opening projects and experiences.


Release: 2019/06/07

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Better asset loading failure detection
  • Fixed some issues with the Selection when user unselects element before they're settled
  • Fixed an issue preventing Text Elements from being dragged and move if they were Selected
  • Improved Media Player Gizmo transitions on opening
  • Fixed input issue with the Media Player Gizmo
  • Asset Loading error messages are more detailed


  • Magic Leap: fixed gesture-based input not being enabled