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v1.15 Series


Release: 2020/02/19

Creation Features & Improvements

  • It is now possible to properly "Undo" the deletion of a Trigger which was linked to more than one Action

  • Creating element is now up to 2x faster

  • Faster asset import

  • Fixed deletion of a loading asset

  • Fixed image loading failure detectiong
  • Removed default media name in the player gizmo

Platforms Support

  • Minsar Studio for Oculus Rift: second window is not fullscreen anymore
  • Shadows are back on Android

User Experience

  • Instructions text was trimmed on the Sign In UI
  • Prevent opening the currently opened project from the Project Picker
  • "Import" has a new icon and is now named "Import Asset"
  • Asset Picker thumbnails improvements
  • Removed the fullscreen error messages, which have been replaced with dialogs

Publish, Export & View

  • More reliable publishing for experiences using many triggers & actions
  • In Viewer Mode, the Simple Anchor is visible on placement and hidden after placement
  • Fix QR Code generation
  • Various Portal improvements
  • ... Several other stability issues


  • Filter archived projects
  • Improved onboarding
  • Manage your Launch plans subscriptions


Release: 2020/02/20

World Understanding

  • AR Tracking Loss & Retrieval management
  • Extended Image Tracking support on Android

Publish, Export & View

  • Improved reliability of experience publishing