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v1.16 Series


Release: May 4, 2020

Creation Features & Improvements


  • In Zone Trigger
  • Enter Zone Trigger
  • Leave Zone Trigger

  • Preview Triggers & Actions on selected elements


  • Transform Action (Preview)


  • Outer 360 Video
  • Sound Range Sphere
    • → works with audio assets in 1.16, to be expanded to all playable assets in future releases
  • Reflective Materials for 3D Assets
  • Improved glTF and OBJ support

World Understanding

  • Spatial Anchors (Preview)
  • Image Anchor sign & feedback improvements
  • Environment-based rendering
  • Body Occlusion in Preview & View modes (iOS exclusive)

Assets Providers

  • Improved "Import from Sketchfab" experience

Platforms Support

  • Magic Leap pre-release
  • Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift beta
  • Nreal alpha

User Experience

  • Elements behind spatial mapping are now semi-occluded in Edit Mode
  • Improved Welcome & Sign In experience with an updated UI
  • Added immersive keyboard on immersive platforms (Preview)
  • Improved laser and cursor on immersive platforms

Performance Improvements

  • Textures are now progressively loaded to prevent micro-freezes
    • available on Android, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest, Nreal
  • Texture are seamlessly resized when needed, in order to prevent experiences from using too much memory
    • available on Android, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest, Nreal


  • Loading Gizmo is much more stable and accurate at detecting loading failures
  • Most Sketchfab glTF assets should properly load
  • The app now displays a dialog when internet connection is lost

Publish, Export & View

  • See the amount of views of your experience, in real-time
  • Easily access the error(s) of a failed publish or export
  • Fixed QR Code generation


  • Filter archived projects
  • Improved onboarding
  • Manage your Launch plans subscriptions
  • Improved redirect when the user session has expired
  • Improved "Rename Project" experience
  • The main anchor type is now displayed for each project, as well as its related Launch Plan
  • Overall stability and user experience improvements

Known bugs

  • glTF assets can be much bigger than expected on import (to be fixed in 1.16.1)
  • Image Anchors on Android might have be unstable on loading (currently investigating)
  • In XR View, after opening one experience, the user might not be able to "tap to place" the anchor of another experience in the same session (to be fixed in a future release)
  • Tapping on the Triggers & Actions buttons might fail, in this case please slowly tap on the buttons


Release: May 8, 2020

Stability and performance improvements.


Release: May 10, 2020

General stability and performance improvements.

  • The Transform Action is more reliable.

  • Dozens of fixes on the Minsar Portal.


Release: May 12, 2020

General stability and performance improvements.

  • Spatial Anchors improvements.