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v1.17 Series


Release: May 19, 2020

Creation Features

  • Element grouping

    You can now group several scene elements for them to behave as one.

  • 2D Assets such as Images and Flat Videos can have rounded (by default) or sharp corners

    • Support for Texts coming in a future release
    • It will be possible to choose between rounded and sharp corners in the next release

User Experience

  • Gizmo handlers have a new appearance
  • Set the size of an asset during its loading

    Scale the loading box, the asset will be loaded inside of it whatever its default size.

Platforms Support

  • Progressive texture loading on iOS
  • Teleport feature for VR devices

  • Improved environment based rendering on iOS

Stability and Performance

  • Improved reliability of the loading of complex scenes
  • Improved UX and stability of mobile touch input
  • Improved UX and stability of Transform Action
  • Improved UX and stability of Spatial Anchors
  • Improved stability of asset replacement

XR View Publish workflow

  • It is now possible to publish experiences with Spatial Anchors.


Release: May 21, 2020

General stability and performance improvements.

  • Fixed deep link configurations
  • Added support for gray scale alpha textures


Release: May 22, 2020

General stability and performance improvements.

  • Improved publishing of Spatial Anchors experiences