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v1.18 Series


Release: July 1, 2020

Platforms Support

General Availability

  • Minsar Studio for HoloLens 2

Available on demand

  • Minsar Studio for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift
  • Minsar Studio on Magic Leap



  • Change between Rounded and Sharp corners for 2D elements
  • Improved UX and stability of Grouping feature
  • Improved UI of the Video Type Selection dialog
  • Improved UI of the Image Type Selection dialog

Assets Support

  • Added support for 360 Image Outer

Native Assets Providers

  • Access photos from iOS device
    • Access to videos coming soon

Online Assets Providers

  • Sketchfab navigation to the user's personal and acquired models
  • Updated Sketchfab sorting (last week's most liked assets are now displayed)
  • Improved reliability of Sketchfab Import

Asset Import

  • The Download Progress of Assets is now displayed in the Loading Gizmo
  • When an asset loading fails, we now automatically clear the cache and re-attempt to download it

User Experience, User Interface

  • New Tutorials to help learn Minsar Studio's basic and advanced features
  • The Media Player is now located on top of the menu instead of being in the scene
  • We now prompt a Dialog when the network connection is lost
  • Improved the ease of use of the new handlers (added in 1.17)

World Understanding

  • We have updated the Simple Anchor appearance
  • Horizontal Surface Anchor
  • Spatial Anchors on HoloLens 2
  • Improved UX UX when switching from one Anchor to another
  • Improve UX and UI of Spatial Anchors

  • On iOS, we now leverage the native AR Coaching Overlay to provide a smoother experience

  • On iOS, we have enabled the Body Occlusion in the XR View app
  • New Default VR environment for Quest and Rift


  • Improved Environment Based Rendering on iOS and Android

Publish workflow

  • Publish or Export from Minsar Studio
  • The generated QR Code for the experience is now vectorized

Distribution Features

  • SparkAR export is now in Public Preview. Create in Minsar Studio and publish on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Streamlined design of the XR View webpages.


  • Improved the authentication flow
  • Users can now easily change their password (😅)

Known Issues

  • Some actions in elements in groups won't work properly. We are working on properly supporting this.
  • In a complex Minsar scene, adding new 8K textures can crash the app on iOS.


  • On Android, the camera is now able to properly scan a QR Code
  • We now properly set the asset ratio when the user replaces an asset by another
  • The Pulse Action in an element in a group is now behaving as expected
  • The menu will not quickly appear and disappears in some situations anymore
  • Assets with a huge user-defined size (such as big 3D models) now have their size properly saved and resored.
  • ... dozens of other bugfixes


Release: July 3, 2020


  • Fixed authentication issues on iOS.


Release: July 4, 2020

  • Fixed an interaction issue with a specific tutorial (Import) on iOS
  • Fixed an environment-based rendering issue on Android
  • Fix a network issue on the Publish from app


Release: July 8, 2020

General availability on the Microsoft Store


Release: July 9, 2020

  • Updated asset provider icons.