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v1.19 Series


Release: August 19th, 2020


  • πŸ†• Project Creation wizard

    • Minsar now offers guidance based on your creation needs.

Triggers & Actions

  • πŸ†• Hide/Reveal Action
  • Improved Transform Animation action UX
  • Improved selection of Triggers & Actions


  • πŸ†• Improved import flow

    • When an asset is big (like a dinosaur πŸ¦•) we offer the choice to keep its scale or to import it to human-scale.
  • πŸ†• Server to Server assets upload support for Dropbox

    • This means faster upload times for assets coming from Dropbox!
  • πŸ†• You now can link your providers within the app

    • No need to go through the Portal anymore.

    • ⚠️ There's a known bug which prevents the auto-fetching of your files after linking the provider.

  • πŸ†• Shapes Provider

  • Improved glTF Animation support

  • Improved reliability of replacing an asset
    • Notably, we have fixed ratio preservation.
  • Improved the Choose the asset type for Images and Videos dialog UX
  • Improved support skin weight for rigged animated glTF models
  • Fixed transparency support for transparent images and videos


  • πŸ†• Physics-based element manipulation

    • This feature improves the placement and manipulation of elements on the environment or other elements
    • ⚠️ This feature is still considered a work-in-progress and will have a few improvements in the coming months.

World Understanding

  • πŸ†• Vertical Surface Anchor
  • πŸ†• Anchor-dependent spatial mapping management
    • The scene anchors are now used as an abstraction of the scene's target environment. Thus the elements will now collide with the anchor's virtual environment instead of the current physical environment.
  • Fixed reopening of scenes with Spatial Anchors
  • Improved Image Anchor UX/UI
  • Improved reliability when changing Anchor
  • General fixes on Simple and Surface Anchors
  • Improved Environment-based Rendering stability on iOS

General Experience Improvements

  • πŸ†• Virtual Keyboard on immersive devices
  • New Tutorial to learn how to reposition the Menu on immersive devices
  • Improved tutorials stability
  • General platform stability

Known Issues

  • Collision between elements can be a bit odd sometimes
  • Two handed manipulation is currently not working on immersive devices (fixed in 1.20)
  • Scenes with an image anchor will not scale based on the dynamic size of the physical image anchor (fixed in 1.19.1)

Publish and Export

  • πŸ†• SparkAR: glTF Animation Action


  • Improved UX when choosing a Plan or an Export.
  • General bugfixes and improved stability
  • Fixed loading UI on Safari


Release: August 20th, 2020

  • Polished Loading gizmo visuals
  • Improved loading experience with "Importing" status
  • Fixed image anchor auto-scale feature

πŸ’œ This release is dedicated to Vincent AdelΓ©, our beloved colleague.