Getting started


To use Minsar, you need to create an account on Minsar Portal:

It's free and usable on all compatible devices!

Download Minsar Studio

Minsar Studio can be found in the App Store (iOS), on Google Play (Android), in the Microsoft Store (HoloLens) and soon in the Magic Leap World.

Mobile and Tablets

Please ensure your device is AR Ready.


If you're currently reading this on a Microsoft HoloLens...

We're actively developing our app on Magic Leap. If you want to preview it, join us on Slack!

Headsets: Logging in and pairing

1. Launch Minsar Studio on your device, a Code will be asked of you to sign in.

2. Go to Minsar Portal:

Once logged in, you will end up on your dashboard, where a Code will be displayed for you to use.

Code expiration

The Code is only valid for 10 minutes.

Refresh your portal page if it is out of date, or use the dedicated "refresh Code" button.

3. Enter that Code in Minsar Studio (you can type it or say it on compatible devices) and…

Here you go, you can start creating AR+VR experiences with Minsar Studio!


If you're into AR+VR content creation, we suggest you join our community!


Microsoft Store

Unfortunately the Microsoft Store on HoloLens has some rough edges. Here's a handful of tips that might be of use in case you encounter some issues as well.

If you don't find Minsar in the Microsoft Store

  • Launch Microsoft Edge.
  • Tap on the URL bar and type
  • You will be directed to the Minsar website. There, tap on “Get Minsar”.
  • You might wait a little while for the Microsoft Store page to appear, but when it does, you will see the option “Install” for Minsar.

Microsoft Store known issues

There might be a few issues due to the store, leading to two possible scenarios.

First scenario: once the download is over, the button shows “Install” again instead of “Launch". In this case, it might mean that the installation was not completed, but that is to be verified. To do that, just navigate in the HoloLens applications and check whether you see Minsar Studio, and in that case try and launch it.

Second scenario: you have navigated in the applications and you cannot find Minsar Studio. It means that the installation was not completed, then you will have to tap on “Install” again on the store and hope that this time it does the job.