In this portal page, all your projects are displayed in a list.

By default, you see all available projects, but you can also switch to archived ones thanks to the "Archived" tab at the top of the page.

Project information and management

For each project, information are provided:

  • Name: tap on it or use the edit button to change it.

  • Thumbnail

  • Size

  • Owner

  • Project properties

    • Last edition date, by who

    • Administrators (coming soon)

    • People the project is shared with (coming soon)

    • You can archive the project. It won't be visible in Minsar Studio default projects list anymore, but in the "Archived" tab.

  • Publishing information and settings (see the "Distribute" section)

Use the "Edit in Minsar" button to open the project (only if you're currently using a compatible headset or AR device with Minsar Studio installed on it).