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Several elements features

When several elements are selected, only their shared features are displayed. Meaning that if you select several elements of different types you'll have access to less features than if you select several elements of the same type.

Group / Ungroup elements

A group is made of several elements but behave as one with its own adjust box and menu.

To create a group:

  1. Select several elements

  2. Select the "Group" button in the menu.

If you want to select an element in a group:

  1. Select the group by taping on any of its belonging elements.

  2. Select the desired element.

  3. Edit it independently from its group.

You can multiselect elements inside a group, but you can not multiselect an element from a group with elements outside of this group.

To ungroup elements:

  1. Select the group, or its belonging element(s) you want to ungroup from it.

  2. Select the "Ungroup" button of the menu.

Note that you can put actions and triggers on the entire group. Check our Triggers & Actions page to know more about them.