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Type specific


Backside color

You can choose the color of the backside of an image/video with the "Backside color" button.

Rounded and sharp corners

By default flat content corners are rounded.

You can change them to sharp if you want to in their menu.

Sound specific

Sound player

In the player, you can also choose if you want the sound to be played in a loop and the volume.


The Range is disabled by default, meaning the sound can be heard from anywhere in the experience.

If the "Range" is enabled, you set a maximum distance from the sound element for the visitor to hear it.

You can change its size thanks to the dedicated handler displayed on the Range sphere diameter.

Video specific

Video types

When you import a video, you have to choose its type:

  • Flat video: a regular flat video.

  • Outter 360 video: the 360 video is displayed on the outside of a sphere.

  • Volumetric video: the video is in displayed in 3D.

Make sure you choose a file compatible with the video type you want.

Video player

As for sound, you can choose if you want the sound to be played in a loop and the volume in the player.


As for sound, you can set the range of the sound to manage from where the visitor will hear the video sound. See Range section for sounds.


You can create a textblock with the button "Create textblock" on the "Creation" menu.

Tap again on the textblock to edit its content.

In the "Format" menu, you can edit the:

  • Text color

  • Font size

  • Font

  • Text alignment

  • Line spacing

  • Corners type: rounded (by default) and sharp

  • Background color

You can also import text. It will replace all the textblock content.


There are several types of shape available:

When created, each shape is customizable.

  1. Just go to the "Transform" menu.

  2. Choose "Modify" to edit the shape proportions.

  3. Hold and drag handlers to modify the shape.

You can also change the shape, the new one will keep the same proportions as the one you changed.

Color A shape is blue by default, but you can choose its color thanks to the "Color" button in its menu.