On the menu, you can find the actions you can do depending on your selection.

If nothing is selected, the Creation menu is displayed to add a new element to the scene.

If you tap on one or several elements, their options will be displayed.

The selection of a button is represented by a frame around the button:

To go back to the previous menu, use the "Back" button.

Or tap on the "Home" button of the Magic Leap Control once.

To unselect elements and go back to the creation menu, you can:

  • Tap in the air on nothing.

  • Use the "Creation" button.

To go to the project menu, tap on the "Project" button in the Creation menu.

See Manage project section for more details.

Undo - Redo - Repeat

To undo your last action, use the "Undo" button on the menu.

To redo it, use the "Redo" button on the menu.

To repeat the last action, on the same element or another one, use the "Repeat" button on the menu.

Move the menu (headsets)

You can move the menu by drag and dropping it.

Magic Leap

Tap on the bumper of your controller to place the menu at its default position in front of you.