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Automatic procedure

Minsar supports only ".obj" and ".glTF" or ".glb" formats. However, when you download a 3D model on the internet, it is often in another format, such as ".fbx" or ".3ds". Recently, we have developed a tool which allows for easily converting a 3D object of any format to ".glb" (which is a more manageable form of ".glTF"). This tutorial aims at explaining how to do that.

Unapplicable cases

This script is not magic, and there are a few cases in which you will certainly encounter some problems. For instance, for this script to work, your object must have only one material or color texture. If something goes wrong and you do not have your object in the end, prefer the manual process.

Install the tool on your computer

1.1. Go and download the Object Conversion tool on GitHub. Click on "Clone or download", then "Download ZIP".

1.2. Unzip the tool somewhere on your computer. If you don't change anything, the name of the folder should be "3D_Object_Conversion-master".

Prepare your object

2.1. Open the 3D_Object_Conversion-master folder. You can see a sub-folder called "Input".

2.2. Create a new folder with the name of your object.

2.3. In your new folder, put the 3D mesh and its textures. Rename them exactly like the name of the folder. In our case "shoe". The color texture should be called "shoe" as well, and the normal map "shoe_normal".

Process your object

3.1. Get out of the "shoe" folder, and simply drag and drop it on the "Object-Conversion" script. A console will open, let it work.

3.2. Once the process is done, you can go find your object in the "Output" folder :)


Your object is now converted and ready to be imported in Minsar!