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There can be several scenes in the same project (max 50 for now depending on your plan). Consider them as pages for a website.

Go to the Scene menu by hitting the "Scene" button in the Main menu.

Create a scene

By default a project has one scene.

To create a scene from scratch:

  1. Hit "New Scene".

  2. Choose the type of Anchor you want for your scene, then it's done! (See more details about anchors in the dedicated Anchoring section)

Anchor placement when navigating between scenes

Note that if you use a different anchor than the other scene, the visitor will have to place it if they navigate between the 2 scenes in your experience.

Whereas, if you use the same anchor, it will remain at the same place without the need of being placed by the visitor.

Duplicate a scene

To duplicate the current scene into a new scene: hit "Duplicate scene" button.

Your duplicated scene is created!

Scene properties

Go to the Scene Properties thanks to the "Properties" button. In there you can:

Rename the scene

To rename the scene, just select the scene name textfield and edit its name.

Make the scene the Home scene

The Home scene is the scene that will be opened at the opening of the experience.

By default the Home scene is the one created at the project creation.

To use the current scene as the Home scene, select the "Make Home Scene" button.

Switch Scene in edit

To navigate to another scene to edit:

  1. Hit the "Switch Scene".

  2. Select the scene you want to go to in the scene picker.

  3. Place its Anchor if needed.

To navigate between scenes in visit, use the dedicated "Open Scene" Action linked to a Trigger. For more details see Open Scene section.

Delete a Scene

In the Scene menu, hit the "Delete" button.