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While you use Minsar, a few tutorials and tips are displayed to guide you through your creation experience.

Here is the place to find their exhaustive list.

Automatic Saving

Don't bother searching, there is no save button... Saving is automatic!

You only need to be connected to the Internet.
See Saving page for more details.

Vocal commands (headsets only)

All texts surrounded by ‘ can be said to trigger them.
See Navigation & Interactions page for more details.


  1. Long tap on an element to activate the multiselection.

  2. Simple tap to add or remove an object from the selection.

Select all

Touchscreen devices

You can also long tap with 3 fingers to select or unselect all elements.


You can also say “Select all” and “Unselect all”, for vocal commands compatible devices.
See Selection page for more details.

To unselect elements and go back to the Main menu, you can:

  • Use the Main button at the top left corner of the current menu.

  • Tap in the air (meaning selecting nothing).

See Menus page for more details.



From anywhere, to quick preview your project:

  • Say “Switch to preview”

  • Long tap with both hands next to each other during 2 seconds

Touchscreen devices

To quick preview your project, use the "Preview" button at the top.

See Preview Mode page for more details.


Scale and Rotate

You can scale and rotate a selected element:

  • with dedicated handlers.

  • with 2 controllers (VR headsets), 2 hands (HoloLens 2) or 2 fingers (touchscreen devices) gestures.

  • with the controller touchpad (Magic Leap One only):

    • the whole circle edge to rotate

    • the left and right edges to scale:

      • Simple tap to be precise.

      • Long tap with more or less strength for continuous scaling.


You can move any unselected element at any time by drag and dropping it.

Magic Leap One

You can move an element forwards or backwards by using the top and the bottom edges of touchpad:

  • Simple tap to be precise.

  • Long tap with more or less strength for continuous movement.

Touchscreen devices

You can move an element in height by using 2 fingers instead of 1.

See Simple selection section for more details.

Import assets

You can import several types of assets: 3D objects, images, sounds, videos and texts.

Explore your different folders and tap on the file you want to import.

Don't forget to integrate your Cloud storage or assets platform accounts in your portal dashboard.

See Import assets and Minsar Dashboard sections for more details.


You can adjust but also modify shapes to deform them.

Simply select "Modify" mode in the Transform menu, then use the dedicated handlers.
See Shape section for more details.