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Export to SparkAR

Requirements and steps

We offer a way to share your experiences on Facebook and Instagram by publishing to the SparkAR platform.

SparkAR limitations

There are 3 main limitations with SparkAR:

  • The scenes must be rather light, you can't publish an experience over 4MB on Instagram and 10Mo on Facebook.

  • The SparkAR platform doesn't support most features supported by the Minsar platform. See the compatibility board for more details .

  • Despite our best efforts, some experiences published with SparkAR may have lower performance than those published with XR View. This is due to limitations within the SparkAR platform that may improve over time.

As a result, you have to keep these limitations in mind when creating an experience for social media.

  1. Export your experience from Minsar Studio or Minsar portal:

2. Download the export from your portal and unzip it.

3. Open the "arproj" file with SparkAR and publish it on Instagram or Facebook.


Legend ❌ - Supported by Minsar but not Spark AR ✅ - Supported both by Minsar and Spark AR TBD - Indetermined

Feature Type Feature Name Compatibility
Anchor Simple
Anchor Horizontal Surface
Anchor Vertical Surface TBD
Anchor Image Q1 2021
Anchor Spatial
Asset Flat Image
Asset 360 Outer Image 1.22
Asset 360 Inner Image 1.22
Asset Audio (Ambient)
Asset Audio (Ranged) TBD
Asset Flat Video
Asset Transparent Video
Asset 360 Outer Video
Asset 360 Inner Video
Asset Volumetric Video
Asset glTF / glb
Asset OBJ Q1 2021
Asset Multi-animated glTF/glb
Asset Text (simple format)
Asset Text (rich format) 1.22
Asset Shapes TBD
Trigger Tap
Trigger Zone 1.23
Trigger Hover TBD
Trigger View Q4 2020
Action Spin
Action Play Toggle
Action Hide
Action Reveal
Action Transform 1.23
Action glTF Animation
Action Pulse 1.23
Action Levitate 1.22
Action Face Visitor Q3 2020
Action Open URL TBD
Rendering Specular/Glossiness