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Publish Workflow

Published experiences are hosted on the Minsar servers, which means they are updated in real-time whenever your hit the "Publish" button. We also ensure the scene is best optimized for the device running it.

Let's Publish

To publish an experience, go to the experience properties of a project.

1. Experience Information

Fill in its name and description.

Note that you can save these information for later thanks to the "Save" button at the bottom. The "Draft" status will then be displayed on the experience section.

2. Compatibility check

We automatically detect if the experience can be opened in any AR/VR-capable Web browser, in your app or website, or using our XR View app.

3. The Publish button

When you're ready, hit the "Publish" button, who will quickly become your best friend.

4. Plan Selection

Select the best plan for your experience's needs.

You can see your current plans in the Plans page.

You can access this page from your dashboard.

Published experiences

Count to 10, and voilĂ ! Your experience is now published, available to up to 3 billion users. You'll receive a confirmation email with the experience link.

You can now leverage one of the many visualisation scenarios supported by the Minsar platform:

Don't worry, at any moment you can:

  • Unpublish an experience.

  • Independently edit the related project and then update the online experience with last changes.

    • "Up to date" tag is displayed on the experience section if the project hasn't been edited since the experience launching.

    • "Not up to date" tag is displayed on the experience section if the project has been edited since the experience launching. The experience must be updated if you want it to match the current project content.