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XR View

The most straightforward way to allow users to view a published experience is to provide them with a link or QR Code, which will redirect them to our XR View platform.

You can copy its link or display its QR Code to share with your audience.

Based on the experience content, we will automatically attempt to use the most frictionless XR visualisation service available to maximize user engagement and retention. They are detailed in the following sections.

XR View Native

For instance, if an iOS or Android user is opening an experience powered by a Simple Anchor or a Surface Anchor, and a 3D model, we will use the device's native AR visualization system (Apple AR Quick Look or Android Scene Viewer).

This experience made by *Invaluable* in Minsar Studio uses Apple AR Quick Look or Google Scene Viewer. © Iris Garagnoux, 2019

XR View Native on Android (left) and iOS (right)

XR View App

Otherwise, the user is automatically redirected to the XR View app. See below for the compatible platforms.

Supported platforms

All experiences created with Minsar Studio can be visited with the XR View app, available on:

See compatible devices list.

XR View on the Web

WebXR Support

In the coming months, we will add WebXR support, which will allow your users to enjoy interactive and rich experiences directly in their browser instead of using the XR View app.