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Release: 2019/08/05

Global Features

  • Image Anchoring support

    You can now Anchor an experience on an Image. Change the Anchor type to access Image Anchor feature.

iOS Features

  • Image Anchoring on iOS


  • Improved Video Player Stability
  • Separated Menu Buttons

    Buttons have now clear separators in the menu to easily identify their relations.

  • Fine-tuned scroll sensitivity in Menu on mobile (especially Android)

    Scrolling in the menu is now more comfortable!

  • Fixed contextual buttons animations in Menu

  • Improved responsive design of the Menu

    Whatever your phone or tablet, the display is now better.

  • Faster Projects and Experiences loading

    We know your time is precious so you will really enjoy that!

  • Faster and more stable glTF import

  • Faster element, behavior, anchor creation

  • Created element and anchors are placed at 1.5 to 2m from their closest edge, not their center

    This fixes some problems, especially for huge elements: they will never spawn too close from you!

  • Modified suggested colors for Text, Image and Video elements backgrounds

  • Added Undo/Redo/Repeat features for Triggers & Behaviors
  • Improved toggle responsiveness for Behaviors

    Buttons now reacts better for Behaviors.

  • Added Auto Rotate & Levitate Behaviors

    Use them to make your scene more dynamic!

  • Elements are now Duplicated with their behaviors

  • Input: Tap threshold improved, based on screen DPI
  • Input: Improved multi-touch on mobile
  • Input: Improved multitouch double touch + pan

  • Portal: improved sign in & sign up experience

    To smooth your experience, one field is now used to sign in and sign up!

Lumin Improvements

  • Lumin: ‘Double tap on Home to exit’

    Quickly hit the Home button twice in a row of your controller to exit the app.

  • Lumin: ‘Tap on Home to go back in Asset Picker’

    Hit the Home button of your controller one to go back to the previous folder or menu.

  • Lumin: Scale, Rotate, Drag element using Touchpad gestures

    Scale with left/right parts of the Touchpad of your controller,

    Drag with top/down parts,

    Rotate by making circles on Touchpad edges.

  • Lumin: Improved stability of Control tracking

  • Lumin: ‘Double tap on Bumper to switch Input mode’ (Head-based cursor to Control-based and the other way around)

    Quickly hit the Bumper twice in a row to start using hand gestures instead of the controller, and the other way round.

  • Lumin: Improved gesture detection

  • Lumin: Enabled spatial mapping

    Your physical environment is now detected!

  • Lumin: Added 3D icon

    A pretty icon for you to enjoy Minsar in the Lumin menu.

  • Lumin: Updated splashscreen


  • Fixed Menu Title Casing

    All menu titles are now homogeneous.

  • Input: Fixed manipulation with flat handlers

  • Fixed freeze occurring if large glTF elements were intersecting the Simple Anchor during its placement

  • Distribute: fixed incorrect Publish Date