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v1.13 Series


Release: 2019/09/24


  • Volumetric Video support
  • Tutorials

    It's a whole new world of possibilities, if you need some guidance we'll provide it.

  • Tap Trigger

    Actions can now be triggered by a Tap on a scene element.

  • Actions

    • Play Media
    • Pause Media

    Videos, Sounds and Animations can now be played or paused with Triggers.

  • glTF default animation

    glTF default animations can now be played in your experience.


Global improvements

  • Revamped Sign In experience
  • Revamped Menu, Notifications & Dialogs
  • Improved Asset Picker
  • Improved multitouch gestures
  • Faster glTF assets loading

    We care about your time as we know it's precious!

  • Improved spatial mapping shaders

  • Faster assets loading
  • Improved image tracking stability in Edit mode
  • Improved UI feedback for image tracking state

Lumin Improvements

  • Image Anchor available on Magic Leap One
  • New Control, Laser and Cursor

Android Improvements

  • Image Anchor available on compatible Android devices


  • Fixed sign in experience when first and last name are not available

    We can now welcome you in Minsar even if all your information aren't filled in.

  • Fixed opening failure for projects created with Minsar 1.09 and older

    You can open older projects again.

  • Changed automated naming strategy on project creation

  • Fixed 'Reset Transform' on Elements not working as expected

    'Reset Transform' resets elements scaling and rotation to default values.

  • Fixed premature Menu display on Project Loading

    There is no more confusion on when you are able to use the menu.

  • Fixed blurry provider icons in the Asset Picker

  • Fixed Experience opening in XR View


Release: 2019/09/26


  • Smoother image anchoring


  • Trigger is selected after its creation
  • Video assets import
  • Triggers button on all asset menus
  • Fixed experience opening in Viewer mode


Release: 2019/10/01

Lumin Features

  • Re-enabled Gesture detection

Double-tap on the Bumper to switch to Gesture mode!


  • Polished Menu UI on mobile
  • Updated Color and Fonts button icons
  • Improved Selection of Triggers and Actions


  • Fixed Image Anchoring over multiple tracking sessions


Release: 2019/10/02


  • Polished Menu buttons interactions on immersive devices (including animation of contextual buttons on cursor interactions)


  • Fixed Project Picker crash on Android
  • Fixed broken rotation on the menu when repositionning in Immersive Devices
  • Shadows re-enabled on Android and iOS


Release: 2019/10/14


  • QR Code recognition in Viewer