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v1.14 Series


Release: 2020/02/05

Creation Features


  • Hover

    It allows you to make elements react to hover.

  • View related

    • Enter View

      It allows you to make elements react when they enter the visitor's view.

    • In View

      It allows you to make elements react when they are in the visitor's view.

    • Leave View

      It allows you to make elements react when they leave the visitor's view.


  • Play Animation on glTF

    You can now choose an animation in a glTF file and make it play according to your visitor interactions.

    • Loop Animation
  • Play Toggle on Video

  • Play Toggle on Sound
  • Open URL
    • Phantom URL call

      You can use it to trigger a link not related to a webpage, like to smart home devices or analytics.

Assets Compatibility

  • Volumetric Video extended support
    • Now supports HoloLens, iOS, Android, Magic Leap, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest

World Understanding

  • Improved Image Anchor support on iOS
    • Tracking is more stable
  • Better quality of shadows
  • Improved Light Detection on iOS and Android

User Interface, User Experience

  • Dialogs UIs have been revamped
  • Vertical gesture on the menu's navigation bar to switch between Edit and Preview modes

    To easily switch between the creation of your project and the quick preview of your experience!

  • Improved color selection in Menu

  • Asset Picker and Menu are now responsive

    They adapt their layout based on the screen size and rotation.

  • Easier Triggers & Actions manipulation on legacy and immersive devices

  • Overall improved experience on both legacy and immersive devices


  • Many, many bugfixes
  • Fixed video opening on Android
  • Fixed simple anchor glitch on placement
  • Fixed text duplicate issue
  • Project name is properly refreshed after rename

Platforms Support

Lumin improvements

  • Faster and more fluid Cursor animation transitions
  • More consistent Spatial Mapping
  • More precise touchpad gestures


Release: 2020/02/11


  • QR Code reader in Viewer mode now works
  • Added Welcome Home UI with editorial picks