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v1.20 Series


Release: October 5th, 2020


  • 🆕 Undo & Redo Tutorials

  • 🆕 Launch Tutorial

Triggers & Actions

  • 🆕 Spatial Triggers & Actions

    • It is now possible to link a Trigger from one element to one or several Actions of another element (one Action can be linked to maximum one Trigger).
  • 🆕 Loop option in Play Toggle Action

  • Fixed Hide Action not always working in Preview mode.


  • 🆕 Inner 360 Videos

    • You can create VR projects with 360 Videos.
    • Support for 360 Images coming in 1.21!
  • 🆕 Video Elements now working on Magic Leap

  • Improved Image Import Failure detection and recovery

  • Improved stability when removing elements during asset loading

  • Fixed click on elements in an element group while in multi-selection mode

World Understanding

  • 🆕 The environment properties are now set by the chosen anchor type.

    • This means in Edit mode, we don't use the physical environment for all anchors anymore.
    • For instance, a scene with a Simple Anchor won't have its elements collide with the physical environment; a Horizontal Surface Anchor will have its elements collide with that surface; and only the elements of a Spatial Anchor will collide with the physical environment.
    • To help the user get a sense of the precise position of the elements in their physical world, the occlusion is seamlessly enabled during element manipulation. This is especially useful for those using Minsar Studio on mobile AR devices. Rest assured, this won't be enabled in Preview and View modes.
  • Improved Spatial Anchors stability and performance

  • Improved Anchors collision settings

  • Improved Environment-Based Rendering

  • Improved Metallic support for objects with metallic materials

  • Improved Image Tracking on Magic Leap

User Interface & Experience

  • 🆕 Uploading Gizmo & Processing Gizmo

    • No more "Some assets are missing" during Publishing or Exporting! Minsar Studio now indicates assets that are being uploaded back to the servers with some visual indicators, on the top right of the Menu as well as on the elements themselves.
  • 🆕 Loading Gizmo now collides with the anchor's environment

    • It's now easier to place elements that are being loaded, using the collision on the anchor's environment.
  • 🆕 New Font

    • We have updated the font of the UI. Spatial Computing is a brave new world and we feel a more welcoming, "warmer" font is important. We hope you'll like it!
  • 🆕 New Sign In

    • We have streamlined Account Creation and Account Pairing, on both mobile AR and Immersive devices.
  • 🆕 Introducing Options Panels: a way to edit Elements, Assets, Triggers, Actions or Anchors properties from within the main Menu.

    • This new UI will improve the creator's workflow by avoiding many unnecessary UI transitions.
    • The Transform Action is the first to benefit from this new UI, and we expect the transition to be completed by mid-November.
  • Improved Tutorials UI and UX

Input & Manipulation

  • Improved multi-touch gestures

    • To improve manipulation precision, multi-touch gestures are now exclusive: scale and rotate or scale and translate can't be applied in one gesture anymore.
  • Improved Physics-based Manipulation

Publish and Export

Spark AR

You can see the overall Spark AR support here.

  • 🆕 glTF Animations Action support

  • Improved glTF support

XR View

  • Improved the QR Code reader XR View

Web XR View

  • XR View is coming to the Web! Compatible #MadeInMinsar experiences can now be visited within iOS and Android web browsers.

    • Limited launch with select customers. This feature will be expanded over the coming months. Stay tuned!


Release: October 15h, 2020


We have improved the stability of the app, especially the reliability of element removals.