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v1.21 Series


Release: October 19th, 2020


User Interface & Experience

This release brings significant improvements to existing designs:

  • The Sign In on mobile is now slightly transparent

  • The Project Creation Flow is now fullscreen on mobile, and has a custom adaptive design tailored for immersive devices

  • The Loading Gizmo now properly faces the user, is easier to understand, and has a new overall design

  • The Zone Trigger has a new appearance, making it easier to understand and to manipulate the zone

  • The Options Panels margins have been fine-tuned

  • The Play Toggle Action and the Open URL Action both use the new Options Panels, making both of them easier to use

  • The Range Sphere's line is now thicker and therefore easier to manipulate, especially on mobile devices

  • Fixed an issue where Dropbox, Google Drive or Sketchfab wouldn't load files/assets after successful authentication


  • 🆕 Inner 360 Images

    • You can create VR projects with 360 Images.
    • This release notably improves the 360 Media UX:
      • The menu now has a dedicated button to select the 360 Sphere
      • The default diameter is now 26 meters
      • The creation flow of the 360 project now matches the one of Image Anchor projects
      • The elements outside the 360 sphere are semi-occluded
      • The elements inside the 360 sphere now collide with it
  • Improved default lighting: the ambient light is now gray instead of full white

  • Project thumbnails now have a background from the device's camera

  • Fixed undesired element reload upon background color change by the Creator

  • When importing a huge asset, a dialog asks the Creator whether the asset should stay big or at human-scale. Closing this dialog led to asset removal. It now sets the size to human-scale instead.

  • Improved Gizmos manipulation (easier to drag on touch devices)

Triggers & Actions

  • Improved placement of Triggers & Actions gizmos, making them easier to see and manipulate
  • Fixed an issue where the "Link To" button would disappear in some edges cases
  • Fixed an issue where some Actions would incorrectly enable themselves in Preview/View modes

World Understanding

  • 🆕 Surface Anchors are now resizable, letting the Creator decide the volume of their experiences, from table-top to room-scale.

  • 🆕 Surface Anchors now automatically swap to the nearest detected surface

  • The Surface Anchor's grid is now displayed at all times

  • We now display a notification warning when the Creator attempts to move an element when its anchor is selected

  • Spatial Anchors are now split into two categories: Indoor and Outdoor

    • Existing projects default to Indoor Spatial Anchors
  • Fixed various Anchor placement issues

  • Fixed Image Anchor Gizmo when in Preview & during manual placement

  • Fixed an Environment scan issue on Magic Leap One

Publish and Export

XR View

  • Fix view mode text tap trigger

Spark AR (Instagram, Facebook)

You can see the overall Spark AR support here.

  • 🆕 Hide & Reveal Actions support
    • Export of Hide/Reveal to Spark AR has an issue with Text elements: only the background can be faded, while the text itself is always visible (this is due to an issue internal to Spark AR)


  • Improved Register Form
  • Improved onboarding
  • Improved Profile Picture signs and feedback
  • Add pairing card in the Dashboard (for immersive devices)
  • Fixed aspect ratio issue with profile pictures in portrait
  • Fixed user' first and last name in the Administration panel


Release: October 21th, 2020

  • Fixed glTF Animation Action UI
  • Fixed Placement of Image Anchor failing in some cases
  • Fixed trigger-less actions not always enabled by default
  • Fixed real-time publish/export updates in the Portal and the App


Release: October 30th, 2020

  • Fixed Open URL Action UI
  • Fixed download of glTF assets from Google Drive Team Drives
  • The 360 Inner Image for Inner projects are resized to 4K by default (instead of 1K…)


Release: November 11th, 2020

  • Import assets from iCloud and local files on iOS
  • Expanded availability of the Web AR/VR viewer


Release: November 15th, 2020

  • Temporarily disabled the creation of Spatial Anchors projects - they will be back with 1.22 due next week!