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v1.22 Series


Release: November 20th, 2020


User Interface & Experience

  • 🆕 The Surface Anchors now have a responsive Grid to help you place elements more precisely

  • We have changed the Menu's back button's icon

  • Project Creation notifications are more precise as to what is being created

  • The Hide, Reveal, and glTF Animation Actions are now displayed as Options Panels.

  • Tutorials positioned in the World are more visible (we have increased the scale and the font size)

  • The Loading Gizmo Error Icon has been updated to match the other icons introduced in 1.20

  • The Loading Gizmo of the Inner 360 Video/Photo is now at 1.5m height

  • Anchors are now selectable only through the Creation menu

  • The Inner 360 Video/Picture is now partly transparent during its placement, for increase comfort and safety.


  • 🆕 Import files from iCloud and the iOS Files Picker

  • 🆕 The new Translation Gizmo helps you precisely and accurately move elements through their local or global axes

  • 🆕 The new Values Gizmo displays the values of your scale, rotate, translation and modify actions as you perform them.

  • In projects with a 360 Anchor, you can now replace an inner 360 picture by an inner 360 video and the other way around

  • The 360 Inner Image texture size is, if needed, resized to 4k

  • The Bounds Gizmo is now hidden when the asset is being loaded

  • We have fixed an Inner 360 Picture/Video inversion issue

Triggers & Actions

  • The Play and glTF Animation Actions now correctly start in XR View

  • We have fixed a Tap Trigger issue on rigged animated 3D models

  • The Zone Trigger UI is clearer and it's now easier to modify its properties

World Understanding

  • 🆕 We now use the LIDAR sensor on compatible devices to improve collision and occlusion

  • 🆕 Automatic Floor Detection for Inner 360 Anchor

  • 🆕 In projects with a 360 Anchor, we now use the 360 Media to generate reflections

  • 🆕 Rotate the sphere with the user anchor rotation

  • 🆕 Edit Width of Image Anchor

  • 🆕 Change Image of Image Anchor

  • The AR Tracking Wizard on iOS is back

  • Significantly increased stability and reliability of Image and Spatial anchors

  • Improved tracking of Surface Anchors on mobile devices

  • Fixed rendering of reflection probes on Android

  • Changed condition to detect metallic assets

  • The 360 Anchor visuals have been updated for more clarity


  • The default environment lighting is slightly more subtle to show more details on 3D assets

Input & Manipulation

  • 🆕 Added a new way to manipulate elements on immersive devices with the Grab Manipulation

  • Improved distant manipulation on immersive devices (translation, rotation, scale)

  • Improved touch gestures on mobile devices (better thresholds)

Platforms Support

  • Added support for Oculus Quest 2


  • Fixed appearence of buttons in the Web View on iOS to match dark themes
  • Avoided unexpected behavior when rapidly switching between Edit and Preview modes
  • Fixed element unexpectedly bouncing during its placement on mobile devices

Publish and Exports

Web XR View

  • 🆕 Desktop (Web) support for projects with Simple and Surface Anchors

  • 🆕 Support of Simple, Surface and Image Anchors.

  • 🆕 Support of Tap Trigger

  • 🆕 Support of glTF Animation and Spin Actions

  • 🆕 Support of sharp and rounded corners for flat images

  • 🆕 Support of Image & Video 360 Outer

  • 🆕 Support of Spatialized and Ambient Sounds

  • Improved support of glTF assets

Spark AR

You can see the overall Spark AR support here.

Added support for:

  • 🆕 Levitate
  • 🆕 Pulse
  • 🆕 Transform
  • 🆕 Outer 360 Image
  • 🆕 Rich Text
  • 🆕 In Zone Trigger


  • It is now possible to delete your account from the Portal


Release: November 21st


User Interface & Experience

  • Improved Asset Picker UI
  • We now displays available Asset Providers integration in the Asset Picker

  • Improved Translation Gizmos

  • Restored creation of projects with Spatial Anchors
  • Improved VR Support

Spark AR

  • 🆕 Enter Zone, Leave Zone Triggers Support

XR View

  • Update Default Generated QR Code


Release: November 25th


Platforms Support

  • 🆕 New VR environment for Oculus Quest
  • Improved VR Support


  • Fixed Audio Range Sphere
  • Fixed Sketchfab import on Quest

User Interface & Experience

  • Fixed notifications issue when placing anchors
  • Various Asset Picker UI fixes
  • Tutorials in the Scene now properly face the user
  • Cursor and Laser in Immersive devices is now rendered above the Translation Gizmos
  • Improved Translation Gizmos

XR View

  • Fixed QR Code generation

Web XR View

  • 🆕 Added support for Levitate Action


  • Fixed Reset Password page


Release: November 28th

XR View

  • Fixed experience opening not working in some cases


Release: December 2nd

XR View

  • Fixed opening of experiences with:
    • Inner 360 Image
    • Inner 360 Video
    • Metallic 3D Objects
    • Elements with Pulse Action

Web XR View

  • 🆕 Added Support for Pulse Action
  • 🆕 Added Support for Transform Action


Release: December 2nd

XR View

  • Fixed UVs of Inner 360 Image


Release: December 7th


User Interface & Experience

  • Fixed some Triggers & Actions not animating properly
  • Fixed a couple freezes occurring when navigating on Sketchfab in the Asset Picker

Creation Features

  • Several fixes on the Translation Handlers
  • Fixed hidden Media Name Gizmo (for Videos and Sounds)


  • Fixed glTF metallic detection
    • More assets should now be considered as metallic, improving the rendering accuracy
  • Fixed a Z-index issue between Flat Image Assets and the Surface Anchor
  • Fixed a rendering issue on the extreme top and bottom parts of the Inner 360 Video/Image projects
  • Fixed a scenario in which the Menu wouldn't refresh its state after replacing the Asset

World Understanding

Image Anchor
  • Improved the notifications of Image Anchor placement
  • Fixed possible error when retrieving the image physical size during the Image Anchor setup
Surface Anchor
  • The Surface Anchor's Grid is now anti-aliased
  • The Surface Anchor's Grid cells now keep the same cell size, no matter what
Inner 360 Anchor
  • The Inner Anchor's Grids is now anti-aliased
  • Fixed the animation of the Inner 360 Anchor during opening
  • Improved visuals of the Inner 360 Anchor during opening
  • In Edit Mode, the Inner Anchor's Grid now display a continuous Grid even outside of the Walkable Area

  • In a VR device, the Inner 360 Anchor is automatically placed on the physical ground

  • In a VR device, the VR environment is now hidden when opening a project with an Inner 360 Anchor

  • The Inner 360 Anchor can't be moved anymore

Platforms Support

VR Devices
  • In VR, the Asset Picker displays 2.5 lines (instead of 1.5)
  • Improved Input and manipulation UX
  • Improved stability of our keyboard on Oculus Quest
  • Fixed animation issue when opening a VR project
  • Improved Teleport UX
  • Fixed a few z-fight issues


Release: December 10th

Web XR View

  • 🆕 Added Support for Reveal/Hide Actions