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v2.00 Series


Release: January 21st, 2021

Minsar Studio is coming to VR! This version is the culmination of our work. It brings the power of immersiveness and the simplicity of mobile. We can't wait to see what you will create (and share) with it!


User Interface & Experience

  • [VR] Drag the Menu, Asset Picker, and Keyboard
  • [VR] Improved Teleport, now triggered with the left thumbstick
  • [VR] The Keyboard now displays the input field name
  • [VR] By default, the Sign In and the Menu are now further away from the user
  • [VR] It is now possible to scroll the UI using the right thumbstick
  • [VR] Changed behavior of the laser
  • [VR] Fixed a Z-index issue with the Asset Picker and some scene elements

  • The Anchors descriptions have been updated to make them shorter and clearer

  • Fixed a bug where, after a sign out and a sign in, the Project Picker would still think a Project was already opened
  • The Multi-Selection mode is now automatically disabled when entering Preview mode
  • In the Menu's Options Panels, the Dropdown scroll direction is now responsive
  • Loading Gizmos are now semi-occluded when behind the Environment


  • 🆕 Support for glTF Blend Shapes

  • The Text element now supports accented characters

  • Fixed an issue where the Asset Picker wouldn't display files of a folder if at least one file whose name is a number greater than 2,147,483,647

  • Fixed a display issue for thumbnails of video files

  • Fixed some issues with the Google Drive provider: authentication, navigation, and import of Audio files

  • Fixed selection of Volumetric Video Assets

Triggers & Actions

  • We have added new contextual warnings to help the user link a Trigger to an Action, or an Action to a Trigger

  • Fixed an issue with the Menu's Back button not working when editing some Triggers or Actions' properties

  • Fixed an issue where some Triggers or Actions would be automatically enabled

  • The Inner 360 Images and Videos now have a subset Actions available

  • Fixed an issue with the Hide and Reveal Actions when they're used for an asset that has been replaced by another one

World Understanding

  • More notifications for a better guidance when using Spatial Anchors and Image Anchors

  • Allow user to cancel image anchor creation during project creation flow

  • Fixed an issue where the Image Anchor creation would fail in some edge cases

  • [VR] Fixed an issue when switching to Spatial Anchors (the wrong menu would be displayed)
  • [VR] Minsar Studio doesn't try to find an Image Anchor in VR anymore
  • We have added custom placement and guidance messages according to the platform


  • When the framerate decreases, the app used to decrease the rendering quality. Now the app increases the rendering quality when the framerate steadily increases back
  • Fixed the resize of textures in some cases

Input & Manipulation

  • Revamped Controller depth control
  • Major improvements in physics-based manipulation (collisions are much smoother)

  • Improved indicators for Translation Gizmos for all elements and groups

Platforms Support

  • Improved Support for VR Quest, Quest 2 and Rift.


  • Improved reliability of Project Creation
  • Fixed issues with Tutorials that have several steps
  • Fixed issues with some Asset Provider icons in the Asset Picker

Publish and Exports

Web XR View

General Availability of the Web XR Viewer!

Spark AR

You can see the overall Spark AR support here.

Added support for:

  • 🆕 Cubic Spline Resampling


data-project-lastupdate use format ISO 8601 Google Drive: account selection screens


Release: January 25th, 2021

  • Fixed a new issue with Google Drive authentication on iOS
  • ~20 VR-only improvements
  • Fixed Tap Trigger on 360 Inner Image & Video during Preview & View modes
  • Fixed a silent issue with Text elements in View mode which could theoretically impact the app's stability


Release: January 26th, 2021

  • Added a new way to drag and drop the Anchor, with or without its elements
  • Improved VR Support:
  • Improved environment animations
  • Added a fade on app's launch for eye relief
  • Improved grab manipulation
  • Fixed silent issue when exiting a project with some Trigger or Action
  • Fixed the GLTF Animation Action's Dropdown
  • When the Asset Picker is re-opened, it resumes search where the user left off


Release: February 3rd, 2021

  • Fixed an issue in View mode where the cache wouldn't be refreshed for some Text assets
  • Fixed an issue when downloading glTF with multiple textures located in a different folder from Google Drive
  • Fixed some glTF models hiding the Translation Indicators (and potentially other UI elements)
  • Fixed unexpected collision between the Simple Anchor and the Environment
  • Fixed issues when setting the Zone Trigger zone
  • Fixed changing the Image of the Image Anchor not working
  • Various other stability improvements